Criminal Defense

All of our partners have spent their careers defending individuals charged with criminal offenses, including murder, assault, drug possession and distribution, and embezzlement.  Some of our cases... more

White Collar Criminal Defense

In some cases, especially white collar and corporate fraud investigations, the target or suspect learns about the criminal investigation before anyone is indicted. Our firm provides crucial... more

Complex Civil Litigation

When large businesses engage in conduct designed to benefit themselves at the expense of their clients or customers, it is often difficult for the individual who has been injured by the conduct to... more


When a criminal defendant has been convicted and sentenced, his best chance for vindication comes with his direct appeal. An appeal involves a review of the trial and sentencing proceedings by a... more

Post Conviction

In the North Carolina court system, a post-conviction challenge to a conviction or sentence, whether after a jury trial or a guilty plea, involves filing a motion for appropriate relief, often called... more

College Disciplinary Proceedings

Due to pressure from the United States Department of Education, colleges and universities have revised their procedures to greatly diminished the protections afforded students accused of various... more

Civil Rights

Over the past ten years, building on decades of experience defending criminal cases, David Rudolf has developed a specialty in representing people wronged by police misconduct.  In these cases, Mr.... more